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Vocab Measure SLP

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Vývojář: Express SLP
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Vocabulary Measure by Express SLP is a tool for a speech-language pathologist (SLP), teacher, or student to quickly collect and analyze a speech sample for diversity in vocabulary. While not a formal language assessment tool, the data obtained in this app can be used to support formal language assessment, to create targets for speech language therapy, or to document vocabulary growth after receiving speech language therapy.

A student or client records a speech sample and transcribes the sample either within the app or pastes the transcription from another word processing program. Once the transcribed sample is submitted, Vocabulary Measure quickly tracks the number of unique, non-repeated words as well as the total number of words. A bar graph displays a visual representation of unique and total number of words. In the session details, each word spoken is listed along with the number of times it appears within the sample. This allows the speech-language pathologist, teacher, or student to analyze the sample for gaps/patterns in vocabulary development and/or usage or to note the parts of speech and morphology being used. This feature also allows the user to track new words added to a students lexicon between samples.

Vocabulary Measure will track student data over time. Reports can be emailed or printed for documentation.